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The Charm of Percentage Based Routines

Picture this scenario: a trainee meets a more experienced lifter. Trainee is not a beginner and has been dabbling in some mainstream defined “intermediate” programs. His total fits the bill. What will the experienced lifter most likely advise him?

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Quick Training Tip: Squeeze the Bar to Lift BIG

This is a quick tip on what you can do right away to make a difference to all your lifts that require you to hold a barbell (or dumbbell) in your hand(s).

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Never Question the Program

Have you ever noticed this trend? Someone is doing some fancy program and they feel they have stalled or regressed on an exercise. They ask for help. What is the most common response? It’s almost always “your form is wrong” or “you should do so-and-so exercise instead”. This is all a bunch of bullshit!

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Training Accessory Lifts too Hard

You should not be trying to progress aggressively on your assistance lifts – and you should not be obsessed with them either. I have observed a trend where people want percentage progressions and actual progression schemes on movements like bicep curls or skull crushers or leg presses to the extent that they celebrate personal records, and that is just ridiculous.

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Beginner Strength Training Advice: Do your Homework outside the Gym

The gym is no place to sit around scratching your head wondering why you’re unable to put theory to practice.

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Designing Strength Training templates for more than just the Big 3 Powerlifts

What if you don’t want to compete in powerlifting and you want to train more lifts than just the big three competition movements? In fact, what if you don’t want to train all the three lifts and you want to experiment with other movements and test new uncharted waters? How would you go about designing your routine to reach these new (and unique) goals?

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A Reality Check On Your Expectations

What happens to those people who set lofty goals for themselves and unrealistic expectations? What happens when they cannot all turn into super-humans and achieve these goals?

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Strength Training Method: Doubles

I was recently asked a question by Lee Jason on Google Plus about using Doubles to get strong and I decided to do a short write-up and a video as a response to this question.

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The Biggest Problem with Fad Strength Training Routines like 5/3/1, Jailhouse, Insane, Cube, and Juggernaut

I get asked quite often why I don't I don't do fad routines like 5x5, 5/3/1, Jailhouse Training, Insane Training, Cube Training, Juggernaut, or any of these popular routines that are in right now.

In the LiftBig video talk below, I explain my reasons for this. It's a very good reason, so watch the video.

You may also want to read the article version of the talk below the video. There is some bonus information at the end.

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10 Day Deadlift Strength Focus & Mass Gain Routine

This is going to be an ongoing blog post full of ideas and experiments. If you want, skip to the end to get the final version of the template. I have a limited gym to train at and I want to see what I can do to maximize what I have at my disposal.

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Strength Training Results in a Disproportionate Body

I have observed a particular critique about people training for maximal strength. I find it to be a nonsense critique, and, one that begs a question. The criticism is that some maximum strength trainees do not have the right musculature proportions. There are a lot of big professional and admirable bodybuilders at my gym that look down on strength training for being "limited" in adding muscle mass. In addition to them I have also had training buddies who are conflicted with their goals. They like having a big deadlift or a big squat but they want to look the part as well. Heck, I'm going through a similar issue myself.

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The Trick To Lifting Heavy is to Brace your Core: I Use Weighted Planks

A lot of the time the stuff I write about Strength Training appears to be theoretical and stuff a lot of readers cannot just start practicing right off the bat.

So I am going to be publishing small blog posts in which I will write about exercises, methods and practices that can be implemented in a timely manner.

Today's topic is about bracing the core for heavy lifting.

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How to Get Back to Strength Training After Missing a Year

A lot of people start and stop strength training frequently. One of the hardest things to figure out is how to resume your training after a long lay-off.

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Programming For Deadlifts And Mass Gain

I've consulted Eric for some help regarding my workout routine and here's the routine I plan on following for the next few months.

The way Eric has helped me understand this, all long term concerns will mostly be addressed in this routine. The plan as usual is to build a big deadlift and put on some quality muscle mass in places I care about.

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Biggest Taboo When It Comes To Designing Strength Training Routines

I am sure most of you have seen this happen on various strength training or bodybuilding forums: The forum "elite" will bully newcomers and newbies into sticking to the norm.

What's the norm? Whatever the forum is most enthusiastic about. Who decides? The handful of most influential "elite" members.

In order to maintain the status quo, the usual argument that is used when someone wishes to change their workout routine or, heaven forbid, modify someone else's routine is, "You are a beginner, so you must stick to the routine as written!"

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