Programming For Deadlifts And Mass Gain

Posted on 26 Oct 2014 22:37


I've consulted Eric for some help regarding my workout routine and here's the routine I plan on following for the next few months.

The way Eric has helped me understand this, all long term concerns will mostly be addressed in this routine. The plan as usual is to build a big deadlift and put on some quality muscle mass in places I care about.

My back is currently feeling fine and I think the time to approach Deadlifts in an aggressive manner is creeping up on me. But for now I am playing conservative and I will continue to run Eric Troy's Maintenance Mode Cycle for Deadlifts.

I am also removing Weighted Pull-ups for the time being. They've been one of those "meat and potatoes" type of exercises for me for many years now but at this stage I just need to maintain my strength on them so every 3-4 weeks I will throw them into my training just to work up to some heavy singles or doubles with +70.

Another aspect that I am going to be changing is removing arm training prior to deadlifts. Eric does not think it's safe to have sore biceps going into a heavy Deadlift session and I obviously agree. Instead of super-setting biceps and triceps I will pair up two bicep exercises or two triceps exercises.

Dumbbell Rows will be done for high reps light weight on Back and Traps day and then repeated again on Shoulders, Back and Biceps day on which it will be done heavy with 140 or 160 for 3 sets.


The emphasis on most hypertrophy type exercises is to take a light weight and crank out many many reps - sometimes even in rest-pause fashion if faced with momentary failure and to add reps and sets before adding any weight.

I will be doing 1-3 sets of Weighted Front Planks on almost all workout days. I don't want to be formal about this but doing core work is critical to being able to brace my core for heavy deadlifts so I will be addressing this diligently.

Eric has also added in Back Squats or Front Squats into the routine on Tuesday i.e. Back and Traps day just to get the legs firing for Deadlift day. I have a problem where I fall out of readiness for heavy lifting very easily. This will make sure that I have that leg drive. I won't be spending much time working on this. I have to do 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps.

In the future, if I ever want to get some mass on my thighs I will be dropping my intensity on Deadlifts to a bare minimum where I am just maintaining my 1 RM and for 4 weeks I will blast the daylights out of my thighs via 20 rep widowmaker squats, high volume training, etc. This is a provision for the future if I ever feel like gaining mass in my thighs.

This routine is not "new" for me. It is just shuffling some of the days around and making minor changes. In the future, when and IF I ever approach Deadlifts more aggressively, the provision to make up for that is all work-sets for other exercises will drop down considerably. But that is for a later date.

Click on this link for an enlarged picture of the workout: Full Sized Picture of Workout Routine

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