Quick Training Tip: Squeeze the Bar to Lift BIG

Posted on 29 Jul 2015 20:58


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This is a quick tip on what you can do right away to make a difference to all your lifts that require you to hold a barbell (or dumbbell) in your hand(s).

This is a relatively short post and meant to convey a very quick training tip for all of you who intend on lifting big weights. The title is self explanatory: The icing on the cake you need to lift a heavy weight is to squeeze the life out of the bar.

Whether it is the bench press or overhead press or dumbbell rows or barbell curls or deadlifts (this is most obvious), overhead press, press-downs - ANY exercise that requires you to squeeze the bar you must apply maximum force and really squeeze the bar/dumbbell.

Having a strong grip makes a world of a difference when it comes to being able to lifting some heavy iron. Coupled with bracing your core, you are almost always going to surprise yourself with how well you will face the challenge. Developing a strong grip and core should be big priorities in your training plan regardless of your goals.

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